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  • Difficulty: 6 out of 10

The Haunting of Camp Rutledge

Can you solve this haunted mystery?

Quick Details

  • This room will be private to you and your group
  • Based on a true story
Ages 10-17 & Students

Haunted Escape Room in Loganville

In 1973, a young boy named Ethan, disappeared from Camp Rutledge.  After the disappearance, searches to find Ethan were conducted, but no trace of Ethan was ever discovered.

Since that time, workers and visitors have reported encounters with two spirits.  The first is a young boy, presumed to be Ethan, often seen playing with his red, rubber ball.  The other a dark, shadowy figure, who is known to slam doors, bang on walls and cause other mischief.

So prevalent are stories, that the TV show “Ghost Hunters” was brought in to investigate.

Recently, after years of being sealed off, a new investigation has been opened, in the hopes of finding what happened to Ethan, and to hopefully end the haunting.

Officials have asked for help in solving this decades-old mystery.  Groups of investigators are being given 60 minutes to investigate Ethan’s Cabin, which had been sealed off for decades, in the hopes of solving the mystery behind Ethan’s disappearance.

If you believe that you have the investigative skills and the bravery to solve this haunted mystery, you can schedule a time with authorities, by clicking the link below.


We have taken extra precautions to keep you safe during your escape room experience.

  1. All rooms are private.  This means that when you book an escape, only your party will be allowed in the room
  2. We have extended the time between bookings, to allow the team to sanitize the room and the common areas
  3. Masks are recommended to ensure safety 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!