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Loganville, GA

Loganville, GA is the crossroads of Walton and Gwinnett Counties

About Loganville, GA

Loganville, GA is a unique city that is actually in both Walton and Gwinnett Counties.  This beautiful, suburban to rural city is home to over 10,000 people, and despite the quaint, country feel, is actually home to most of the major restaurant and business chains.

Loganville was incorporated in 1887 and was originally called “Buncombe”, but was finally named Loganville after James Harvie Logan, an early settler of the area.

Points Of Interest In Loganville

The Dukes of Hazard Farm – The Duke farm, or what’s left of it, is located at 2201 Lenora Rd near Loganville. The house was build around a civil war cabin. When the outer rooms were torn down they discovered the civil war cabin. Demolition work was stopped and the cabin stayed there for years. But eventually time and weather elements took their toll and the cabin had to be torn down in 2011 due to risk of collapse.

Vines Botanical Gardens – Located at 3500 Oak Grove Road in Loganville, the botanical gardens are free to visit, and contain a variety of sites, including, perennials, annuals, a display garden, water garden, garden railroad, and a rose garden, as well as an arboretum, Swan Lake (3.5 acres), fountains, Koi pond, and the Manor House. The property also contains a restaurant, and special events rooms.

Bay Creek Park – This large park has a number of great walking trails, many of which are passed, for easy walking.  There are also large fields and play areas to keep the fun rolling.

Sparky’s Machines Auto Museum – Located at 1209 Nathan Blvd in Loganville, this museum of automotive history, has a wide collection of cars on display.  From early 1900s cruisers to mid-century muscle cars, Sparky’s will keep you nostalgic for those classic pieces of automotive wonder

Corn Dawgs Corn Maze – The Southeast’s LARGEST Corn Maze, featuring more activities than any other maze in the region.

Loganville in Pop Culture

Loganville, despite it’s small size, and modest population, has a long history of cultural references, and a variety of athletes and celebrities that have called it home.

As mentioned above, The Duke Farm, from the Dukes of Hazard is located in Loganville.  But here are some more cultural references.

Amanda Rollins, the detective on Law & Order: SVU is from Loganville.  It is referenced a few times, including when a lawyer “guessed” she was from Loganville, based on her Loganville accent.  Rollins reply later was that there’s no such thing as a Loganville accent (insinuating that the lawyer had done research on her).

Kyle Martin Chandler, an actor who made his screen acting debut in a 1988 television film, Chandler’s first regular television role was in the ABC drama Homefront.  This was followed by the lead role of Gary Hobson in the CBS series Early Edition.

Jonathan Thomas Langston, a country musician is also from Loganville, Georgia. He released an extended play, Showtime, with Treehouse Records, in 2015. This was his breakthrough release upon the Billboard magazine charts.

Jordan Pruitt Fuente, an American singer-songwriter and producer originally came from Loganville.  She now resides in Nashville.

Loganville also provided us with many professional athletes, including…
MLB: Clint Frazier, Austin Meadows & Brandon Moss
NFL: Wayne Gallman

Loganville Georgia Sign

Loganville is a city in Walton and Gwinnett counties, Georgia, United States.

Loganville Georgia Welcome Sign

Loganville is a city of over 10,000 people

Loganville Georgia Downtown

Loganville’s beautiful downtown buildings

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