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  • 7 out of 10

Santa’s Christmas Commotion

Help Santa make his flight

Quick Details

  • Find the magic rocks!!
  • This room will be private to you and your group
  • You have 60 minutes to help Santa
From :
$ 25

You think the North Pole is buzzing on Christmas, but the residents look forward to today! This is when Santaโ€™s Village comes to life! With all the games, festivities, food, competitions, and the announcement of the new Head Elf. Have you ever seen a penguin marching band? Seen a reindeer pyramid? Tasted cinnamon hot chocolate with a dash of Christmas magic?

Now is your chance! Come see how the North Pole celebrates as our VIP detectives! The magic rocks that make the reindeer fly (and even turn invisible) have been displaced, and we only have 60 minutes before Santaโ€™s first test flight and the kick off to our pre-Christmas celebrations!! We know you’re the team that can get it done.