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  • A New Way to Book To Keep you Safe!

Your Time Escape

A New Way to Book To Keep you Safe!

Quick Details

Book in 4 easy steps – Pick the time you want to come in, select the number in your party, choose your escape room, pay and book!

No other parties can book during your time!

Please confirm that you or members of your party do not have or had any of the following symptoms in the last 30 days or are sick in any way:

*Fever or Chills
*Coughing or Sneezing
*Body Aches
*Sore Throat
*Diarrhea or Nausea
*Trouble breathing or tightness in the chest
*Dizziness or lightheadedness
*Any other symptoms that could indicate an illness

Adult (Ages 18 and up)
Ages 10-17 & Students

Beach Escape

You have looked forward to your beach vacation for months! You found an unbelievably cheap deal, almost too good to be true, to a small island off of the coast of Belize with breathtaking views of the ocean on one of those discount vacation websites. You arrive at your condo and it is everything that you dreamed of: beach views, beautiful water, clean rooms, and great amenities!

However, upon entering your room you realize that you are unable to open the door and the phone in your room and cell phones aren’t working. As you start to explore the room and look for a way out, you begin to realize that the owners of this facility might not be in the vacation business after all and you may not return from your vacation in one piece…

The Haunting of Camp Rutledge

Rumor has it that Camp Rutledge is haunted! A ghostly young boy named Ethan with a red ball appears running in the woods and vanishes. Do you have what it takes to escape and solve the mystery of what happened to Ethan and his red ball?

Motel Nightmare

You have stayed here before but the place has really gone downhill. You left a bad review after your last stay but you have no other options. You are visiting family and are forced to stay here yet again. The owner remembers your raving one star review and hasn’t forgotten. The owner knows you will be back and has a special room to make sure your experience is worthy of that one star review. Good luck escaping this motel nightmare…if you can!

Bank Heist

You were the valedictorian of your high school and have always been one of the most intelligent people around, the best at solving puzzles and problems. You recently lost your job and got involved with some local criminals. They are planning to rob E Bank and Trust. The team knows your skills and wants you to be the one to crack the safe. Your team has already entered the bank manager’s office, where the door to the vault is located. Your team has hidden clues and hints to help you break into the vault. The team of local criminals has tapped into the security system and you have one hour until it is back online and the police are notified. Can you crack the safe in time to walk away with the money and avoid the police?

Area 51

The year is 1964. You hear strange noises and strange lights have been spotted over Roswell, New Mexico. Increased military activity is seen everywhere. You are part of an activist group that has infiltrated an office in Area 51 where an alien is being kept. The rumors are spreading… “They’ve found aliens.” Your group has disturbed the alien’s slumber and now must solve the mystery and stop the alien from transmitting a message to the mothership. You only have an hour. Can you save the world in time?