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Loganville Christmas Activities – Christmas Escape Rooms

The holiday season is here and it is the perfect time to do something fun with the family, church group, co-workers, or group of friends.

Here at Impossible Escape Loganville, we love having groups come in to play escape rooms for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any holiday.

We can accommodate up to 40 players at a time, and we can even give you the space to have a full party with food, and more.

Our current escape rooms include:

  • The Haunting of Camp Rutledge – Enter the spooky and supposedly haunted Cabin #5, to try and solve the mystery of a young boy, who disappeared 40 years ago.  Can you solve the mystery?  Is the cabin really haunted?  Can you escape?
  • The Beach Escape – This beachside cottage was a killer deal… literally.  It’s in a beautiful area of Belize, right by the ocean.  But the deal isn’t all that it seems, and now you are trapped!  Can you escape before the real owner of this bungalow returns?
  • Area 51 – The rumors are true.  Area 51 does have alien technology, and they have captured aliens.  One of those aliens is attempting to contact the mother ship, and the only person to stop this has disappeared!  Can you figure out how to block the communication and stop the aliens from destroying the Earth?
  • Salem Motel – You won a spooky rip to Salem Massachusetts, the home of the famous witch trials.  But once you arrive, you discover that your free spa weekend was a trap by an old witch, looking to use you to build her own evil power.  Can you figure out how to escape before she returns?

Don’t let the holiday season pass you by without doing something fun with your family.  Book a Christmas escape room now, and enjoy the time together!

Impossible Escape Loganville
3735 Harrison Rd SW STE 500, Loganville, GA 30052
(770) 599-7295