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A New Video For The Haunting of Camp Rutledge

One of my favorite rooms here at Escape Plan Georgia is “The Haunting of Camp Rutledge”. ย Why, because it is based omg a real legend. ย Camp Rutledge is said to be haunted by two ghosts. ย The first is the ghost of a boy named Ethan that is known to roll his red ball to people that visit the camp. ย The other is an unknown man that likes to make noise and bang things around.

In fact, this story is well-known enough that some friends of mine… the crew at Ghost Hunters, actually did an investigation for the famous SyFy channel program. ย You can see the episode here on Dailymotion…

To celebrate this story, we created an escape room that captures the spirit (pardon the pun) of the original tale.

Think you have what it takes to solve the mystery behind “The Haunting of Camp Rutledge”? ย If so, book your room now!